Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nakey Bum Bum

So, I know some of you out there think that since we are in Australia we are out having an Aussie adventure everyday. Well the truth of the matter is that we have the same life just in a different part of the world, we have work, nap time, dinner time, and all those other times....
It has been raining non stop for what seems like months. There have been big floods and devastating fires surrounding us, but thankfully we have not been affected by mother nature destruction, despite a little sogginess outside. So we have to be creative and think of lots of indoor things to do. We visit the Library a lot, Ryder loves to color, paint, and watch movies. So on the really rainy days we build a fort and Ryder and Bear love to watch a good movie in there.....whatever works right.
Life is going for us, we are still adjusting to the ways of life over here, but we see a lot of potential....we just wish it would hurry a little faster.
So here are a few new pictures of Ryder, he is really a funny little thing, but doesn't really like the spotlight unless it is just mom and dad. If any of you have attended a party with us, you know that it isn't a party unless Ryder has stripped down to his birthday suit. As soon as we walk in the door these days the first thing he does is take off his clothes and say NAKEY BUM BUM! I spend the majority of my day dressing this kid....as you can see he would much rather dress himself to his own liking.