Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Wood visit Australia!

Ok so I know it has been at least 4 months since I last blogged, but we have been busy and there were just sooo many pictures to go of course I avoided the situation! We had my parents here for a whole month and we went and saw a lot of different things around Northern Queensland. We really loved having them and we wish we weren't so far away so it could happen a LOT more often..someday! So be prepared for mega picture overload!!!!


Grandma and Grandpa arrive in Townsville Queensland Australia, after a LONG LONG journey.
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Billabong Sanctuary and Magnetic Island. This island is just minutes away from where we live, but it feels like a whole different world there, so many beautiful beaches to see.

Elle's Blessing Day, what a little cutie she is!

Our trip up to Cairns...we LOVED it up there, we stayed at The Mango Lagoon Resort and enjoyed the beaches of Palm Cove, we took the train up and the skyrail down through the Rainforest, and we made it out to Green Island and got to snorkel around the most beautiful white sandy beaches and coral reef, part of the great barrier reef ( I can't seem to find the pictures of Green Island, just know it was fabulous).
P.S. sorry about the picture mom and dad....we just thought they were funny!

We dug lots of sandcastles

Hike up Castle Hill, overlooking our city.

Saunders Beach

We attempted to visit most of Townsville's 70 parks

All of the beautiful plant and wildlife....minus the Goanna that snuck up on mom in the rainforest and almost sent her into cardiac arrest!

We slept when and wherever we could......

We had lots of fun and lots of smiles......

Thanks for coming! We loved all of our excursions and for the time we spent together, we can't wait to do it again!!!