Monday, November 30, 2009

Growing UP

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Six months has just FLOWN by. My baby is no longer the littlest one everywhere we go, and I am wondering where all that time went. People are constantly asking us how Elle is doing and we really have nothing but good things to say. Elle is such a happy, content baby. She lights up the room and gives the best smiles to whoever talks to her. From day 1 she has been a great sleeper and a great eater....what more could I ask for. Elle started sitting up at 4 months, army crawling at 5 months, and now at 6 months has mastered the crawl, today she even pulled herself up and was standing by the chair....we keep telling her to slow down but she is a go-getter. We love you little Elle!

Ryder doesn't talk very often on skype so I feel that I need to share some of the things he says, and I want to write it down before I forget.
The other day Ryder was laying down for a nap when Dad got home from work, so of course he had to get up to say hi, and next thing I know he is running in asking if he can go to the beach. I told him probably not until after his nap....well I saw the melt-down coming, Kyle quickly interjected and said he WAS going since it was his only day to do I gave in. Ryder ran out of the room totally elated and next thing we hear is "Pheww that was a cwose one" Ryd had the brow wipe and all. What a funny kid, I don't even know where he would have picked that up.

Today we had a few good liners....while grocery shopping he was talking about how he was a boy and then in his not so quiet voice he says "ELLE not have a Willy!?" (I know we are lame and don't use proper names for our parts, but who cares!)
Later on in the day he lifts up his arms and says "Mom, I not have any hair" I turned to see that he was pointing at his armpits, then to end the evening off he shook my stomach and said "Mom your stomach is a little bit jiggly" (Thanks, like I didn't know that already).

I was not having the best day today, feeling overwhelmed by all I needed to get done and my kids not co-operating with me. But when I think about it I probably won't remember how my house was messy and my laundry wasn't done, but I will want to remember all the fun things I do with my kids. Sometimes it is so easy to get frustrated with them, but I would take all the crumbled up bread on the carpet and sloppy joes under the table, toys spread out everywhere,kids constantly asking to play games, and have snacks and crying babies who just want their mom to snuggle her ANYDAY!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Ryder!

October 21 2009. Ryder turns 3!

Just a few good memories.....

1.Before anyone can leave the house,you have to make sure they give everyone a HUG, a FIVE, and a KISS....

2.You love love to snuggle your mom and dad.

3.I am rarely called by mommy anymore...we have gone straight to Lins, or Linsey.

4.Every day you tell mom and dad we are your best friend....Even at the Library the other day in the middle of story time from across the room you caught my eye and leaned back and said "Your my best friend mom". My heart melted with that and your darling smile!

5.You are a smart little boy you love to count, read, color, and build things.

6.Sometimes your words get a little mumble-jumbled and I can't stand to correct it...our favorite is "I got for-tell you something, or mom you got for-tie my shoe".....

7.Everyone knows you LOVE the Little Einsteins are slightly obsessed, so whenever you hear classical music it is always little Einsteins...not Bach or Mozart.

8.You love to sing around the house and all of your answers tend to be in musical form, "NO, NO, NO, NOOOO" often carries the tune of one of Bach's symphony's.

9.You have a really tender-heart and don't often like to be disciplined.....but you do like to push our buttons as far as you can.

10.You are a great big brother, sometimes you can be a bit pesty, but you are good at helping mom with Elle, sharing your toys, and making her laugh.

11.Dancing is another of your passions, you turn the music FULL blast and jump, roll and march around with your endless amounts of energy.

12.I asked you the other day what you wanted to be when you grow up and you said a GREEN SUPER HERO who plays baseball and saves people.

13.Almost everyday since you turned 3 you tell us that you got bigger, when we ask you how you tell us that you ate your Veg-e-tables.

This was our conversation in the car the other day.....
Ryder: Mom I got bigger!
Mom:You did? We don't want you to get bigger.
Ryder: But I have to.
Mom: What are you going to do when you get bigger?
Ryder: Drive our car really fast.
Mom: Oh, Great!
Ryder: It is great...

Ryder we really don't want you to get bigger, we want you to stay our little boy forever! But it is so fun to watch you grown and change and these have been the best 3 years of our lives, we love you SOOOO much, and we can't wait for all the other birthdays to come!
Love, Mom and Dad