Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ryder and Santa

Ryder loves santa from a distance but once he is on his lap it is a different story. He asked for a hoop ball and canny (candy). His facial expression was the same last year in his picture with Santa, the only thing that has changed is his size.


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Here are a couple of pictures that we had taken while we were up in Canada visiting my family...we were excited that there were actually a couple of him smiling. We are getting ready for our first Australian christmas (with no snow or cold). Ryder loves being outside and is obsessed with Little Einsteins..he walks around saying "clap clap, go rocket" all day!! We hope you all have a merry christmas and love you.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

This is Actually

Kyle and Linsey this time. Now that we have our own blog we found a great way to get in contact with all your old friends. The best way we found was to go to and it will do all the searching for you. It's so easy and the creator is a genius!! That's how we found so many of you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December in Australia

Well, my sister's were right, I never would have done this unless they put it together. Maybe this will be a good way to keep everyone posted on our life as Aussies. We are at the beginning of our summer over here and it has been hot and humid, but we have lots of water activities to keep us cool!

Things have gotten off to a slow start, but we are hoping they pick up this week. Kyle officially passed all the Australian Board Exams, so by next week he should be working again, and we are getting a car today with A/C.....I can't think of anything better. We are ready to start our lives over here, and Kyle is ready to start working, unemployment is totally overrated!

Well we miss everyone and hope to hear from you all, Have a great Christmas Season.

Love, the McCandless Clan

Monday, November 17, 2008

Courtesy Post

Yep, this post is coming to you courtesy of me, Summer, yeah I don't even take the time to post on my own blog lately and here I am posting on yours Lins...the girl who doees not even believe in blogging...I must love you! Here are a few pics from our get together in Canada. Let the good times roll!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

HOW TO.....

Hey so it takes only practicing to figure out how to blog, but if you want to change anything or if you need to know how to do anything just let me know...there are plenty of bloggers out there that I'm sure will help you.

Here you go

This is actually Linsey's sister Britt who is doing this post...I actually started this blog for lins so that we could keep up with her life all the way over in Australia. My thought was that if she just had to maintain her own blog and not go through the whole process of making it maybe she would actually do it. We lov eyou and miss you guys like actually makes me cry to think of how far away you are from us. love you to bits