Friday, May 20, 2011

Elle turns 2


Elle I can't believe it has been 2 years already! We realized that since you have been born you have lived in 3 different houses, and probably before you are 5 there will be a lot more! You have been such a fun little girl, with a lot of personality. You are determined, sweet and silly all wrapped up in one little person. You still love to hold my hair at all times of the day. Ryder gave you a Rapunzel doll that you can brush her hair, we hope this will help. You also got a swing set that you love! Your dad stayed up for hours putting it together for you, he also went out and got you a princess banner and balloons, I decided to not ruin his fun by bringing out my own decor. Some of our favorite things that you do this year are: You are talking so well, you repeat everything you hear. You love to point out all your colors, and count your ABC's. You are so curious about everything, constantly asking what made that noise or what this or that is. You have been working on going potty for a few months and you are doing great! You love the color purple, your baby dolls, and animals. You're OBSESSED with dogs, obsessed. You also love to sing, your favorite songs are Miss Molly had a Dolly, Slippery Fish, and Little Mermaid Ahhhhaaa Ahhhaaaa.....I must sing these a 100 times a day. You try really hard to keep up with your big brother and his buddies, you escape out of the door and hop on your tricycle and try to follow get so mad at me when I make you come in. We are so glad that you are in our family. You can be such a delight. Happy Birthday to my little Ellie Beans. Love you.
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