Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ryder turns 4

Superhero Birthday party. What a fun day, we had superhero races, slip n slide, and pinata breaking.

(Birthday week is exhausting)!


Halloween hasn't been a big thing in Australia, but SOME people are warming to the idea. It is fun to dress up and laugh and get candy. TO us it isn't about the Dead, the witches and evil spirits. It is about the memories of carving pumpkins, of who gives the biggest and best candy, and watching our little kids enjoy their costumes. So we had 3 parties to go to this year, and I will NEVER do that again. My day was crazy to say the least and my kids were neglected and I only got a couple of pictures. Next year I will be better.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some of my favorite things.

My little family.

Handsome fun Dads.

Island Vacations

A Good Sense of Humor


Big Brothers


Little People feet.

Piggy Tails


This little sweetheart.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's been so long I can't remember how to do this......

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elle is 1!

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Some of our favorite things......

- BIG hugs!
- Floppy ears perfect for nibbling on
- Toothy smiles
- Lots of giggles
- Watching you play with your brother and seeing how much you love him.
- What a happy, content, fun little girl you are.
What a great addition to our family you have been. It has been a fun filled year thanks to you Elle. We love you so much!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ELLE 8 months

So I noticed I have been majorly slack in my blogging and since this is my only form of scrapbooking then I need to get on the ball. Our little Elle is nearly 9 months old and I can't really believe that the time has gone so quickly.

So here is what you have been up too.....
4 months you were sitting up without any help
5 1/2 months crawling, you have never used both knees, your left knee is on the floor, your right foot is you push off foot..you can accelerate at top speed like this.
6 months pulling up on everything, and while pulling up on everything finding EVERY cord to chew on.
7 1/2 months Dada, Mama, bababa
8 months lots of gibberish and lots of smiles. You love food and make sounds with each bite you take. We can see your true colors coming through, you are very determined a bit stubborn a little dramatic at times, but over all a happy content little cutie~! This month you discovered the toilet and all the fun things you could throw into them. You are learning to stand on your own, and I can see you are not going to stop at that! I love seeing your cute toothy smile peeking over at me from your crib, nothing can beat it.