Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Back with a Brand New Addition"

Well I have a minute so I thought I would blog about the events or "Event" that occurred this week in the McCandless house. We had our little Baby Girl last week Wed May 20th (your welcome mom). We thought she would never come, but when she decided to make her appearance she sure did it with gusto......
Tues May 19th (my due date) we went in to the midwife for an appointment. The midwife stripped my membranes to try to get things moving, and she told me I was then dilated 3, and we would probably be having a baby that night or so. So Kyle, Ryder and I headed home and waited very impatiently. I was having cramping/mild contractions every 30-40 min or so, but nothing major. Kyle was asking me like every 10 minutes "anything yet"!? Anyways, so I went to bed and would wake every once in a while with a contraction, and then at 4am I decided I would get up and take a hot shower since I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. I showered and then went out to relax on the couch and started having contractions about every 10-15min. 5am I woke Kyle up and told him I was feeling nauseous and they were getting pretty strong. I showered again and had like 4 contractions in 15 minutes. So Kyle started calling people to let them know what was happening, contractions were about 5 minutes apart, and then all of a sudden 3 minutes apart. We got everything in the car, and woke Ryder up and left the house around 6:20am. We drove 15min to our friend Julina's house and dropped Ryder off, then quickly left for the Birth Center. We hadn't been from our friends to the hospital before and we were a bit frazzled and nearly took the wrong exit, Kyle quickly cut across the median to make the right turn. I was dying by this time, my contractions were about a minute apart and I was having no break at was the all time worst car ride of my life! So we pull into the hospital driving area and suddenly I said to Kyle " I have to push!" Kyle just said to just hang on, we then got behind a car taking it's sweet time to turn, I really didn't know if I could make it....well we quickly pulled in front of the Birth center and got out, Kyle started yelling out for someone, and we went into the room where Dawn our midwife was filling up the tub. I laid down on the bed and right then my water burst and the head was crowning. I got up and went to the tub and climbed in, Dawn had to run and get someone, she was gone for about 40 seconds, meanwhile I had pushed the head out and Kyle yelled "Dawn the head is out" she came in just as I pushed the rest of her out and then I pulled her up out of the water. So after everything had settled down we figured out that we had pulled up at 6:53am and Elle was born at about speedy! It was so intense and then all of a sudden it was over. Kyle plopped down on the couch I think quite relieved, especially that he didn't have to rub my back for 5 hrs straight like last time.

Ryder came to meet his little sister about an hour later, and as soon as he saw her he got rigid with excitement and a huge grin. He just wanted to lay by her and hold her, he was so thrilled she was here too. He has been a great big brother already, he helps me get diapers and throw them away and he loves to hold her and help push her in the swing. I think it has been a bit of an adjustment for him even though he hasn't been acting up. He has missed mom doing everything for him. Kyle has tried to make him feel really special too and takes him to play basketball and go to the park. I forgot what it was like to have a newborn but Kyle has really helped out so much. He gets up with me at night and makes sure I am doing ok, and gives me a break if I need it. Elle already loves her dad and calms right down when he holds her. We are really tired but love our little family, and we really feel lucky to be parents to two darling little kids.
So now life is starting to settle in, we are figuring out life again without any sleep and the needs of a newborn but it has been pretty great so far. I feel really blessed that this is my job, I get to hang out with my favorite people all day long, couldn't ask for too much more.
Elle we are so happy you came into our family and we can't wait to see what you will be like, you are already a sweet little baby, you don't ask for much just to be wrapped really warm, although when it doesn't happen fast enough you do have a bit of a temper...I think this impatience you get from your dad. We love you and we are so glad you are here!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Not so Terrible

So I have really enjoyed this stage in Ryder's life. I can't say that the dreaded "Terrible Two's" have been a part of our lives. Ryder is such a sensitive, pleasant little boy, and it has been so fun to watch him grow and learn. He loves to color,paint,cook,read, and count...he is all the way to number 11. He has been talking quite a bit lately and I forget all of the little things he says, so I thought I should write down a few things so I can remember them a little better.
One of our new favorite sayings is when we ask Ryder if he likes something his comment is always "Sure Do, Mom", or tonight when I asked him if he was mixing some yummy dinner he also said "Sure Do". And whenever he answers a Yes or No question it is started off with an "Ohh YEP or Ohh Nope". Most people know that Ryder is not the best eater, he rarely tells me if he is hungry, so I am always holding him so he will sit still and eat. But the other day he came up to me and out of no where said "Mom, Ryder RALLY-RALLY-RALLY HONGRY!" With the dramatics he put into it you would have thought I was starving the kid. He gets a kick out of himself too. He has the funniest fake laugh, usually to something that everyone else is laughing at and then he says "Pretty funny".
I just think it is so fun to hear him come up with these sayings. We sure love this little guy and really feel like he is such a blessing in our lives. He is so excited to have a little sister, and he is constantly kissing my belly and telling me what a nice belly it is....I'm glad he appreciates it! Kyle and I can't get enough of him. I know we are so far away from family and friends and we wish mostly that you all could know him better, but at least this way you get a little taste, which is so yummy!